Hand flexibility

Flexibility of the hand shows the flexibility of the mind and adaptability. A flexible hand means a flexible mind, and vice versa. If one finger is more flexible than others, the qualities of the mount below the finger will be more pronounced.

The flexibility of a hand can be determined by bending the fingers backward with minimum of pressure.

Very flexible hand (bends back to nearly 90 degree angle)
It indicates the person has a elastic mind. Such people do unpredictable actions. They are usually impressionable, sensible, easily adaptable, and also very emotional. They tend to have good memory power. If the thumb also bends back easily, the person may be generous.

Moderately flexible hand (forms nearly 45 degree angle without any pain)
This is the most common type. These subjects can easily adapt to new situations. They are impressionable, versatile, and reasonable. Such individuals are emotionally and mentally balanced.

Hand that bends back just a little
They are serious, thoughtful, earnest, and sympathetic. Those are well-balanced.

Firm hand (hardly bends back with maximum of pressure)
The person has abundance of energy. They are rarely impulsive because they usually hide their feelings.

Stiff hand
It denotes stubbornness, lack of adaptability, conservative, stingy, and cautiousness. These people are narrow-minded and hard to convince. They have difficulty sharing their problems and feelings with people.

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