Hand thickness

Hand thickness can be judged by pressing the center of the hand. The roughness or softness of the skin must not enter into consideration.

A thick hand may indicate a high energy level person. These people have tendencies to be overindulgence in alcohol, sex, drugs and food. They are usually easygoing and passionate.

The hand is thick and …
Very hard : brutality, animality
Hard : a primitive
Medium hard : a good worker
Medium soft : always enjoy pleasures
Soft : can’t resist desires, lazy
Very soft : have sensual instincts, selfish, lazy

A thin hand is likely to be a nervous person with a low energy level. Those are on a mission in life.

The hand is thin and …
Hard : selfish, greed, narrow-minded
Narrow and meager : cold imagination
Soft : a weak constitution
Very soft : ill nature, an unhealthy mental state, gift of intuition

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