Six types of hands

Captain Casimir Stanislas d’Arpentigny, the French palmist, believed there are six types – elementary, spatulate, conic, square, philosophic, and psychic – to classify hands so he developed this method of categorizing hands. As always, explained below is for hands that are firm with fine skin texture. If the hand is soft and flabby, heavy and full, or large and knotted, all the positive traits will be negative. For example, enthusiastic will be irritable spirit, and generous will be selfish.


We start the six types of hand at the lowest class.


Elementary hand (Necessary hand)
The hand is thick and stiff, lacking in flexibility. The palm is large, thick and coarse, and the fingers are short and clumsy. The skin texture is coarse. Only a few lines can be seen on this palm. Heavy, rough, short and thick in overall appearance.

This hand best exhibits the characteristics of both stubbornness and violence. Such owners are violent inside and materialistic. They will use cruel force in order to get what they want. They hardly reveal their true feelings. Because their brains are less developed than ordinary people, they lack understanding and possess animal passion. They cannot control their actions and urges. Those only live for eating, drinking, and sensuality. These people naturally have the lowest mental capacity and brutality. They do not like changes, and will not be interested in the artistic and spiritual world. They are most suitable to unskilled physical labor, and unable to do things that require intelligence.

Professions for elementary hand
careers that do not need difficult skills or knowledge, such as a laborer, a carpenter, or a sport player

Square hand
(Useful hand)
It is so called Square hand because the palm is square and also at the wrist. The finger base is square, and the nails and tips are all squarish. The length of the palm and the fingers are almost same. The fingers lack in flexibility.

This hand is the most logical and practical of all the hand types. They do not like changes and uncertainty, thus often have difficulties in adapting to new situations. Such persons are orderly and methodical. They like strict rules and orders, and tend to weight things by rules and reason. They also respect authority, law and custom. These people always have doubts about everything that they cannot understand, except their own views. The subject will be very stubborn in his belief.
They have little creativity and little love for art.

Professions for square hand
lawyers, judges, engineers, scientists, doctors, businessmen, managers, officers

Spatulate hand
(Active hand)
This hand is called spatulate because the fingertip has a similar appearance to the spatula, and also the palm is either wider at the wrist and getting narrower towards the fingers, or broad at the finger base and tapering towards the wrist.

This type of hand is naturally enthusiastic, energetic and restless. They love to discover and invent new things. Those are the most active people of all the types. They are very practical, but friendly. Such individuals have the ability to create something new and different.

Professions for spatulate hand
adventurists, inventors, navigators, artisans, explorers, engineers, astronauts


Philosophic hand (Idealistic hand)
This hand is long and angular with knotty fingers and long fingernails.

Just like philosophers, they analyze carefully before acting, love to have arguments and discussions, and love studying about life, knowledge, or beliefs. This hand type is sensitive, thoughtful, serious and easily hurt by small things. They are naturally friendly to all, but often egotistical. Such people are lovers of mysticism and religion.

Professions for philosophic hand
world leaders, preachers, teachers, teacher assistants

Conic hand
(Artistic hand)
The hand is medium sized, tapers slightly at the palm, and the fingers and tips are slightly pointed or conic.

The fingers are either medium or long, and bend easily. The fingertips are rounded. The hand is soft, and the skin is fine. This hand has clear major four lines.

The conic hand owners are artistic, instinctive and impulsive in nature. They are a lover of art and every beautiful things in the world, and have refined taste. These individuals are quick and clever in action, thought and ideas. However they are emotional and easily offended over mere trifles, and often act on impulse of the moment than logic and reason. These people are hot-tempered, but does not last long. Such people tend to have strong likes and dislikes. Conic hands are generous and sympathetic. However, if anything makes their personal comfort is concerned even a little, they can become selfish. But due to their strong love-nature, their generosities and sympathies rule in the end. Those work best in comfort surroundings. They are followers rather than leaders.

Pure conic-handed people can be self-indulgent.

Professions for conic hand
emotional careers, such as singers, actors, and actresses, or creative field, such as sculptors, musicians, writers, and painters

Psychic hand (Idealistic hand)
The psychic hands are long and thin, with long and slender fingers, almond-shaped fingernails, pointed tips. The fingers are flexible. The pure psychic hand is very rare.

These types are visionary and idealistic, who are easily influenced by people and surroundings. Such persons are neither practical nor logical, but good conversationalists. They tire easily and lack patient. They have tendencies to judge things by instinct and impulse. The individuals are calm, cold, gentle in manner and trust anyone who are nice to them. They are unconsciously religious and often attracted by mystery and magic. Unlike Square hand, they do not understand order or discipline.

Professions for psychic hand
magicians, psychics

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