Size of the hand

The size of the hand should be proportional to your body size. If you are not sure about your hand size, you can measure it easily by comparing your hand size to your face size. Make sure to put the base of the palm on your chin.

If the fingertips are near the mid-forehead, your hand size is considered the average size. If the fingertips are around the brows, your hand is small. If your fingertips reach the top-forehead or over that, then your hand is considered large.

Very small hand size

They have a natural tendency to be cruel. Their nature is talking ill of others. Those are suspicious, narrow-minded, hot-tempered, not reliable, and like to quarrel for small gains.

Small hand size

People with small hands look things in a broad view, but lazy.

Average hand size

They are usually balanced and have common sense.

Large hand size

Those are analytical, practical, and care details.


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