Skin color on the hands

Color of the skin is also important in palmistry. Each skin color has its indication.


A quick temper, narrow-minded, suspicious nature, and the absence of self-restraint. You may have a super abundance of blood. If too much red, you likely to be a very selfish, violent and cruel person.


Pink is between red and pale. It represents healthiness and well balanced mind.


It is an indication of sickness. Paleness is generally caused by bad blood flow or blood cells. This can make you emotionally and physically unstable, irritable and weak. Such a person can become unsympathetic, selfish, and uncaring. Most of them have no interest other than themselves.


This skin color suggests sickness and an unhealthy mental state. You may have a disorder of the liver or gall bladder. Yellow also denotes melancholy nature.


Liver problem is indicated.

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