Texture of the hands

The skin texture is the quality of the skin. It reveals how refined you are. The texture of the skin is mostly determined by the hormones, which means it can mirror your true inner nature. To determine one’s texture of the skin is by looking at the back of the hands. But consider the person’s age, since our hands grow harder and dryer as we get older. Unfortunately, this theory doesn’t apply to people whose jobs are working with their hands.


Fine textured (soft and smooth) skin indicates a soft and fine nature. Those are generally artistic, imaginative, adaptability, and lovers of nature. You are gentle, sensitive, and sympathetic, and may have good manners. You may prone to getting sick – including colds and flu. If there is anything that affects your sensitivities, you will not be in mood for work. The finer the skin, the greater sensitivity. For a man, lady-like traits are prominent in that male.

Elastic hands show positive personality. The individual is full of vitality, friendly, and responsible.

Medium skin that is neither soft or firm means the person has well balanced traits of both fine and coarse textured skin.

Hard and coarse textured skin represents unreceptive mind and a coarse nature. Those people have animal instincts and usually are not intellectuals. You are a more down-to-earth person. They have a great energy, but this energy can be used on their violence nature. The coarser the skin, the greater energy.

Persons with dry skin are generally sick. This subject has a tendency to follow the advice of others.


Flabby texture suggests the person is lazy.

Thin skin is found on the hands of overly sensitive people, while thick skin are stubborn and insensitive.

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