What is palmistry?

The word “palmistry” derived from the Middle English words, meaning ‘palm’, and ‘to study’. Palmistry is the study of every feature that is available on the hand, such as the shapes, sizes, colors, markings, and lines of hands. It is a guide of the person’s nature and the course of one’s life.

Everyone has different lines of palm. It can reveal your character traits, talents, clues about your health and relationships, and even the possible future. However, palmistry only reveals tendencies and the features of hands. Both hands change slowly over time due to the person’s lifestyle and incidents.    

Modern palmistry is mainly divided into two categories, ‘chirognomy’ and ‘chiromacy’. ‘Chirognomy’(kairάgnəmi) is evolved from the Ancient Greek word, meaning “hand understanding”. This is the study of the appaearance, characters and traits of the whole hand. As you “understand the hand”, you can judge one’s personality and many more. ‘Chiromancy’ (káirəmӕnsi) is the prediction of one’s future from examining the lines on the hand.

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